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Your Score: James L. Brooks

Your film will be 57% romantic, 37% comedy, 59% complex plot, and a $ 55 million budget.

Filmography: Terms of Endearment, Spanglish, As Good As It Gets, Broadcast News, etc. He also is responsible for bringing The Simpsons to TV (from when he produced The Tracy Ullman Show). It's likely that the audience will cry if Jimmy makes your film. In fact, the Simpsons writing team gave the name "Jimmies" to those sweet, tender, loving moments that end some Simpsons episodes. Also, that's he who says, "How about some sponge cake? With a brandy glaze! Muwahaha!" Seriously, though, he knows how to tap into the humanity of his characters and draw out Oscar-nominated quality performances from his actors.

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