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Jack's Thoughts and Meanderings

23 October 1982
Going with the flow at the moment. Trying to pick up the pieces of what is left of my life and move forward.

I am a spaz and goofy and I love being this way.
I don't like candy very much,
I am obsessed with Ghost Stories and the supernatural.
I love herbology and home remedies.

I love to dance and will quite often put my head phones on with some oldies and just dance (I was classically trained as a ballerina for 14 years and I can't help it. . . it's one of my best ways of self expression
I like to make dolls to my own liking.

I rarely laugh and smile but when I do it's genuine.
I am clairvoyant (I don't care if anyone is skeptical of this because it is true)
I am very vain and will look at myself in the mirror any chance I get. I am very picky about how I look and what I wear and how I apply my make up.
I am understanding and patient and very pragmatic. I think logically and abstractly instead of linearly.
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